Welcome to the beautiful and clean Long Hai Beach

Due to not being exploited so much for tourism, Long Hai beach still retains the original features and quiet. The sea is extremely clean with clear blue water, the sea waves gently thrust into soft golden sand. Along the coast are small rocks as a vivid part of the sea here. Create a beautiful natural harmony painting. Let’s discover with Resort Long Hai!

Welcome to the beautiful and clean Long Hai Beach

Sandy beaches stretch on Long Hai Beach

When you come to Long Hai Beach, you can swim in cool water. Enjoy the craggy winds of the salty sea of immense. Long Hai beach is also suitable for relaxing on the sea. Or take a walk along the beach and admire the poetic sea. All will bring you feeling relaxed and refreshing.  Forget about how tired of everyday life.
Long Hai beach
Close to the beach, you can also go to some popular eateries to enjoy the delicious seafood. Can be mentioned as shrimp, crab, squid, … with extremely reasonable price.Do not forget to buy fresh seafood for your relatives and friends.
Long Hai beach

What is the specialty of Long Hai Beach?

Long Huong rice cake soup: Located in Ba Ria – Vung Tau Crossing

Long Hai beach

Small pastry soup, sliced soft-boiled cat meat. People who eat leeks have lean meat, ribs or tendons. Steamed broccoli cooked in the style of noodles, including stewed bones, white radish … Sweet, just eat, do not give too much sweet powder. This is the most OK.

Price: small bowl 35.000VND, mixed 50.000VND.

An Nhut fine rice vermicelli: No.55, Long Dat district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Long Hai beach

Cake is wrapped in banana leaves, look like a favor. The cake is big, dry, not wet, soaked and smooth like in Saigon. This cake if eat on the spot or buy instant noodles will be delicious. Fish sauce, fat onion delicious.

Price: 55.000VND/dish

Come here, you can also visit the Dinh Co Temple. Enjoy the fresh water pass or explore Minh Dam Mountain for a more enjoyable travel experience.

Long Hai beach is an ideal weekend destination for Vung Tau residents and neighboring cities. Come here to relax in the fresh, peaceful space. And there is a memorable experience you remember!

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